Lolli – Earn Bitcoin While You Shop

If your anything like me you want to save money on autopilot. I love when I get cashback or coupons for doing things I do on a normal basis. I have Honey and Rakuten attached to my Chrome browser so that I can save automatically when I need to buy something whether its something I need, a gift, or a treat for myself. Anyone familiar with these sites knows how it works. You get cash back automatically just for shopping online.

Just this week I learned that that Lolli is the crypto equivalent to this same structure. Lolli has just partnered with Kroger supermarkets along with many other high end retailers like Nike, Udemy,, and Macys just to name a few. What I found especially intriguing about this is that I Shop at Kroger every week. Hey…why not get some free Bitcoin while I’m shopping! Kroger only offers pickup and delivery through Lolli. I was so excited to see Kroger on the list because grocery/drug stores are a big bonus with a cash back type situation. I think this will be a great way to bring in early adapters to get their feet wet with Bitcoin without feeling uneasy.

After reading some reviews, I did notice a few hiccups like slow processing/payment but I still think its worth a look if you want to open the door the Bitcoin and crypto without the risk. The best part is that you don’t have to invest anything up front, the Bitcoin is accrued and held on the exchange.

Ok, I know the next question is, how do they get paid? Lolli partners with top merchants who pay them when people use Lolli to shop their site. They then split that payment with their users, sending free bitcoin to your Lolli wallet. Its safe, easy to use and free. Sounds like a great to start to the Bitcoin world to me. Hopefully they will add other supermarkets to the list because in my book that is the easiest and fastest way to earn Bitcoin. You have to buy food right?

If you wanted to get started with Lolli, download the Chrome browser and create a account.

Please let me know if you use Lolli and what your experience has been.

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