Home Of The Brave (Browser)

Who doesn’t like making money while doing something that you were going to do anyway?   

While I was searching online everyday like I normally do about fun new things in Crypto World, I came across some info regarding a new browser that you can actually make money by just browsing and searching for things that you normally would. It’s called Brave and it’s totally cool! 

It’s a fast, secure and private browser that basically strips out the ads from websites and replaces them with its own ads. You can then make money from watching these ads. You also get rewards from advertisers that use the Brave platform in the way of rewards just for searching sites that they have ads on. Brave says that no personal data or browsing history ever leaves your browser.

I downloaded the browser on my Mac mini and really didn’t think about it too much after that. I use Chrome everyday for work so I normally just fire it up first thing. But one day I was just looking at that lion icon in my system tray and I said, Hey, let’s just give this a try and see what happens.

Ok, this is what happened. The browser came up with a nice decluttered desktop that kind of reminds me of the Bing (Microsoft) browser with all the pretty pictures. It also has a clock which is cool. The desktop also  tells you how many trackers and ads it blocked and how much bandwidth you saved. You can import your favorite sites from Chrome and other browsers that you use so you can have all your favorites with you when you need them. Ok..now on to the good stuff. 

The first site that I went to was Coindesk to see what was happening in the crypto world. Then, I went to Coinbase to check my account. Then I get a notification that I have REWARDS!  What!..wait.. so fast? Yep, I went into my rewards account and I now have 0.035 BAT (1 cent). Lol..Ok, I’m not rich but it’s pretty cool that I immediately made some money after just 10 minutes of searching. After using the site 2 times, I’m up to 0.6 cents in my BAT account which I can add to with my own funds at any time. I also thought that it was nice that you could keep track of your earnings right on the home page as soon as you enter the browser. You can see what sites you visited and the attention point percentage for each site. Awesome..getting paid while I search and learn… Works for me.   

Since there is so much to learn in the crypto space, it’s good to know that you can actually make a little bit of money along the way. You can also support/tip  contributors monthly using BAT tokens directly on the browser. 

Find out more about the Brave browser here

P.S I would love to know if you have tried or currently use the Brave browser, Please leave me a comment and share with others.

Tokens Vs Altcoins

Before I start investing, I wanted to make sure that I understand the difference between Tokens and Altcoins.

Altcoins are basically an alternative coin from Bitcoin. They are a fork of Bitcoin, which is an open source original protocol for generating Bitcoin. With Altcoins, there are changes in the underlying code that can take advantage of a different set of features. Some altcoins are not open-sourced like Bitcoin. They have their own Blockchain and protocol that supports their own currency. Ex: Ethereum. The main thing to remember is that each each altcoin possess its own independent Blockchain where each transaction uses its own coins.

Tokens operate on top of the Blockchain and represent a particular asset or utility. They can represent any asset that is worth value. Tokens are usually made using smart contracts. As an investor you receive tokens when you invest money into a company offering an ICO (Initial Coin Offering). Its pretty similar to a stock with some important differences.

You can read more here. This article also includes useful guides on various exchanges and wallets.

I also learned a great analogy today: Ethereum represents an app store in your smartphone. More on that here.

I also came across a crypto podcast that you can listen to on iTunes: Crypto101. I’ll give my thoughts on the podcast in another post.